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Roband has an unrivalled manufacturing capability.

We are self sufficient in all* manufacturing disciplines. Roband has the following dedicated & fully equipped facilities:

Assembly Department


  • Assembly department: Surface mount, automated pick and place, leaded, infrared reflow, cable forming, aqueous cleaning PCB plant, ionic contamination test system, AOI system, PCB drying
  • Metal work shop: CNC milling machines, CNC metal punching, bending, lathes, welding
  • Wound components department: All inductors & transformers linear, bobbin, toroidal, heavy duty coil winding, impregnation plant


In-House Transformer Winding



Enviromemtal Chamber


  • Conformal coating department
  • Encapsulation department: High vacuum evacuation, curing, sand blast
  • Finishing: Painting, plating, silk screening


Metalwork Finishing


  • Test: Every unit tested, commissioned, burnt in, ESS on site
  • Personnel: Trained to appropriate standards, such as IPC-A-610
  • Quality and inspection: 100% inspection on all parts and assemblies manufactured. AS 9100 QMS
  • We simultaneously control quality and priority.


* We purchase component parts, basic raw materials, bareboard PCB's, and only in exceptional circumstances other items/services.


Surface Mount PCB


Printed Circuit Board