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The standard RO-MIL range of DC-DC Converter modules are designed for aviation, defence and other challenging applications. All units are unconditionally stable and do not require external components for correct operation.

  • Standard COTS DC-DC Converters
  • Multiple options

Roband's custom capability is unrivalled. We design and manufacture power supplies of all types onsite. Our reputation is built on successfully undertaking the most challenging requirements.

  • Experts in extreme environments
  • Experienced in DC-DC, 3∅ 400Hz, HV
  • Switched mode & linear

RO-GEN inverters produce 115V 3∅ 400Hz supply from a standard mains input. Ideal for testing avionic equipment. Their compact size and portability allows for convenient local testing and also individual isolated testing in a lab environment.

  • Compact & Rugged
  • 1.2kVA Continuous / 2kVA Peak
  • Fixed, variable voltage; variable voltage & frequency model output

The RO-HV 30-1 is a high voltage 30kVDC output bench power supply for test and scientific use. It features variable voltage and current control with digital meters for convenience.

  • Variable output voltage
  • Variable output current
  • Digital output meters