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RO-GEN 102

3 Phase Static Inverter
1.2kVA Variable Voltage & Frequency

The RO-GEN 102 is both variable voltage (0-140V) and variable frequency (240Hz-1KHz) 3∅ AC 1.2KVA inverter. It also has fixed frequency mode and an input for external control of voltage and frequency. Transformer isolated sinewave output and rugged construction.

  • Parameter
  • Per Phase
  • Total
  • Input Voltage :
  • 100 to 254VAC, 47 to 63Hz - Power Factor Corrected
  • Output Voltage :
  • 0-140VAC rms Variable
  • Output Current :
  • 3.5Arms
  • Output Power :
  • 400VA
  • 1.2kVA
  • Current Limit :
  • >5.8A
  • Power Surge :
  • 667VA for 500mS
  • 2kVA for 500ms
  • Output Frequency :
  • 240-1kHz (Variable mode) 400Hz ± 0.1Hz (Fixed mode)
  • Voltage Distortion :
  • <5%
  • Operating Temperature :
  • 0 to +40°C
  • Size :
  • 212x375x190mm
  • (WxDxH)
  • Weight :
  • 15kg maximum

The universal AC input is EMC filtered and power factor corrected. The output frequency is quartz crystal controlled. Efficiency at full load conditions is typically 80%.

The outputs are independent from each other and isolated from the input by transformers. This makes for robust and reliable performance with enhanced safety. Safeguards include over-temperature and two stage overload protection. A 2kVA 500ms surge rating enables the unit to start complex loads that demand high inrush currents.

The RO-GEN 101 has a variable output monitored by an RMS voltmeter. Internal temperature is limited by a thermostatically controlled fan. The housing is a rugged black anodised aluminium construction.

Output voltage and frequency are easily set either by a front panel multiturn potentiometers, or external control input and clearly indicated by a dual LED digital displays. Both voltage and frequency can be set before the output is switched on. Fixed frequency mode is selected by a front panel switch.