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Electronic power supplies
for demanding applications

  • Friday Afternoons

    Starting from1st September 2023 Roband will be closing at 12:30 on Fridays.

  • Roband Electronics Ltd

    To enable simplified accounting practises to be adopted we will be changing from a plc to a Ltd company, with immediate effect. The only difference yo...

  • Roband achieves Cyber Essentials Plus

    Roband Electronics are pleased to announce we have achieved our Cyber Essentials Plus certification in October 2022.

  • Latest Acquisitions

    Roband is pleased to announce it's latest acquisitions including a Roving Test Probe & 5 Axis Milling Machine.

  • Roband has launched its new gallery

    Featuring the Charlwood location, artwork and selected units. Keep an eye on the page for new albums and see Roband in picture.

  • Over 65 Years of Exceptional Power Supplies

    In 2021, Roband celebrates 65 years of being at the forefront of power supply design and manufacture.

  • Power for demanding applications

    Roband is a widely respected British manufacturer of electronic power supplies for aerospace & other demanding applications.