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High Voltage Supply

The RO-HV 30-1 is a high voltage 30kVDC output bench power supply for test or scientific use. It features digital meters for output voltage & current, both of which can be varied.

  • Variable output voltage
  • Variable output current
  • Digital output meters

The output voltage can be varied from zero to 30kV, the output current can be varied from zero to 1mA, both via ten turn controls. It features digital meters for output voltage & current which can be set before enabling the output (as well as adjusted in use). Current limit is selectable as constant or trip.

RO-HV 30-1 - High Voltage Supply

RO-HV 30-1

Designed for high voltage bench testing, or scientific applications, the RO-HV 30-1 provides an adjustable 0-30kV output.

  • Output voltage 0- 30kV
  • Output current 0- 1mA
  • Digital output meters