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Custom Power Supplies

Roband's custom capability is unrivalled. We design and manufacture power supplies of all types, all work being carried out on site in Charlwood. Our reputation has been built on successfully undertaking the most challenging requirements.

  • Experts in extreme environments
  • Experienced in DC-DC, 3∅ 400Hz, HV
  • Switched mode & linear

A custom power supply is an item that is user defined. Often such units are characterised as having unusual/restricted envelopes, multi and/or unusual combinations of output, extended temperature, vibration and EMC, and often a combination of all of these. It is generally thought they are more expensive but that is not necessarily the case. Designing to cost is something we understand well and we consider this to be as much a part of a custom design as anything else.

Our job is to engage with our clients and translate their requirements into long-term dependable products.

Our current portfolio includes units ranging from a 7W quad output (avionic) to a 20+kW multi-output (land mobile). These are switch mode devices. We also undertake linear units from a very few watts to many kW; for example we have a 4KW linear multi-output device (underwater). We have a substantial array of units of varying power in between those listed.

Our experience embraces the following platforms:

  • Defence aircraft and their payloads
  • Civil aircraft
  • Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV)
  • Naval surface vessels
  • Naval underwater vessels
  • Land mobile
  • Land fixed
  • Space
  • Scientific research
  • Downhole and off-shore
  • Any challenging application


By definition, custom power supplies are unique individual items. The process of realising such item is best served by early engagement, even if the design is no more than a sketchy outline. Please call, email or complete the enquiry form.